Sue Perks

​ Rare is a collection of encaustic work that  depict the  fragility of our natural world, the  elements that we have lost  and those that are  currently endangered.  With some  graphical  and others more subtle, the endangered  species  and statistical data are layered with  strong colour blocks  and urban symbolism.  The  works explore the tragic human  impact  upon  our natural world. 

 The raw elements of beeswax and resin used in  the encaustic process have provided a physical  medium to symbolise the elements of nature  and ultimately man’s dominance and  destruction. Rare is a collection of encaustic  work that depicts the fragility of our natural  world, the elements that we have lost and those  that are currently endangered. With some  graphical and others more subtle, the  endangered species and statistical data are  layered with strong colour blocks and urban  symbolism. The works explore the tragic human  impact upon our natural world.